Boon Insurance Agency - Our Services

Boon Insurance Agency provides the following Insurance services


There are four classes that follow under General Insurance. These are:
1. Motor Insurance
2. Non Motor Insurance
3. Medical Insurance
4. Personal Accident

1. Motor Insurance
Boon provides a wide range of Motor Insurance including P.S.V (Matatu, Taxi, Tour, Private Hire, and Self- drive), Commercial and Private Car Insurances. Some of our Motor insurance is tailored to meet today’s man comfort needs such as free car hire, No blame no Excess, Courtesy car, Riot and strike extension etc. in case of claims and accidents. However the packages bear different premiums from the standard ones.

2. Non Motor Insurance
The following are some of the products offered

  • Fire Insurance
  • All risks – jewellery e.t.c
  • Travel Insurance –local and international
  • Burglary
  • Office combined /Businessman combined
  • Public Liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Money Insurance
  • Consequential loss
  • Contractors All risks
  • Good in transit
  • Products liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Bid bonds
  • WIBA (formally Workmen’s Compensation Act)

The above products are payable annually.

3. Medical Insurance
In order to ensure your family peace of mind throughout the years, we have a wide rage of medical products from different companies .The products include both in-patient and out- patient for individuals and corporates.The companies provide smart cards to access medical attention in the preferred hospitals and chemists across the country.
Premiums are payable once per year.

4. Personal Accident
This cover provides benefits for death, temporary and permanent incapacitation, or bodily injuries caused by violent, visible and external forces up to a certain limits as specified * Cover is for both individuals and corporate. The premiums are payable once per year.


We all Love and care for our dear families. This is the sole reason we engage in good careers and businesses. Also, while under the sun, we are bound to experience challenges and or bad times sometime in our life time. To ensure uninterrupted life when this happens, we need to set aside some finances by all means that will come handy to our beloved ones at such a time.

We also need to set aside some investment portfolios that will give handsome rewards at a future date with guaranteed protection against the unforeseen calamities and effects of inflation.

Insurance is definitely the best option for the above.

The packages include:-
1.) Education plans
2.) Investments plans (endowments) with protection
3.) Whole life Insurance.
4.) Pension schemes
5.) Mutual funds - Equity, Balanced fund (Money Market) and Growth fund
We work with Choice Insurance Companies that give high and guaranteed returns for your investments.